Friday, August 8, 2008

People's Law School: Mineral Rights & Wrongs

Are you a citizen looking for a one stop spot for answering your questions about the Haynesville Play.
Sunday August 31, 2008
Bossier Civic Center
Seating Is Limited.
Two three hour sessions for your convenience
12:30 - 3:30 and
Landowner Attorneys will give a seminar for the non-lawyer landowner.
Top 20 clauses to have in your lease.
When a good lease goes bad: So your not being treated like royalty
Tax Shelters that weather the April Storm.
Current Case Law on Lease Litigation
Admission is $10.00 and tickets will be pre-sold
at the locations listed below starting August 15, 2008.
Visit the Bossier Bar Booth for a Free Living Will
If any seats are left on day of event tickets will be 12.00.
Rudi Estess
Kevin Hammond
Clint Black
Patrick Jackson, Parish Attorney
John Settle
Judge Dewey Burchett
Booth Participants to Answer your Questions:
H&R Block, Tax Servicies
Jeff Thompson for Congress
Commissioner Foster Campbell
Bossier Assessor Bobby Edminston
Bossier Clerk Cynthia J. Johnston
Zimmer Investments
Others are signing up daily, these are the current confirmed.


The Bossier Bar, a not for profit organization, is hosting an event this year called "The Citizen's Law School" on August 31, 2008. Doors will open at 12 noon for the first session and doors will reopen at 4:45 for the second session. The Bossier Bar has selected several Louisiana Attorneys who represent landowner interests who will share the fundamentals of mineral law in Louisiana and focus on the legal issues facing landowners in the Haynesville Shale. This is an event created for the citizen, you don't need a legal background to attend. This will be an informative event that you will not want to miss.

Unlike other "meetings" this will be a true informational seminar. Attorneys will review such topics as "The Top 20 clauses to have in your lease" and "When a Good Lease goes Bad: So you're not being treated like Royalty." Our speakers will also talk about the tax consequences and what tax shelters are available. So bring your legal pads. If you have a suggestion on a topic that you want the speakers to discuss, then send your suggestion/question to

After the speakers finish, you will have the chance to ask questions in an open forum. I would encourage you to pick their brain.

Once the group question and answer session ends, the speakers will take their places at desks throughout the hall so that they can answer your individual questions. As part of our event, you can invest $5.oo for five minutes of the attorney's time. Its important to note that an attorney client relationship does not extend to this discussion and that you should always consult or retain an attorney before making any decisions. However, you won't get five minutes of this quality of knowledge for five dollars ever again-- So take advantage. Also, you won't have the convenience of asking several attorneys the same question and comparing their answers.

Booths will be set up for information throughout the hall. Local drilling companies, Banks, investment companies and mineral attorneys will be present to offer their services. (If you would like to rent a booth, please email to check for availability and prices.)

The Bossier Bar will have a special booth offering free living wills to everyone who attends. This is a $100.00 value, but its our way of meeting your needs and thanking you for attending our event.

Seating will be limited and the cost of "tuition" is $12.00 after August 26, 2008. However, if you purchase your ticket before August 26, 2008 the cost is only $10.00. You can pre-purchase tickets starting August 15th, with a check made payable to the Bossier Bar, at the following locations:

Law Office of David White : 3985 Airline Drive, Bossier City, LA Phone: 747-7023
Law Office of Michael Craig: 4350 Viking Drive, Bossier City, LA Phone: 752-1063
Law Office of Ryan Gatti : 1661 Benton Road, Bossier City, LA Phone: 752-1012
Bossier Tax Assesors Office- 700 Benton Road, Bossier City, LA Phone: 965-2213
Bossier Clerk of Court- Benton Court House Phone: 965-2336

We look forward to seeing you at this event. Thanks in advance for helping us spread the word.

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